13th World Scout Youth Forum

Theme: "Dream... Believe... Act..."

The World Scout Youth Forum is an educational event to support the process of developing youth participation in partnership with adults and young members in the older age sections. It is an event that empowers and inspires young people through a participatory approach, helping them to develop skills in decision making which can be used within Scouting and in the wider society.

Dream... Believe... Act...

The Youth Forum will take place from the 7th to 10th of August 2017 at Gabala. The opening ceremony will be held during the evening of the August 7th and the closing ceremony during the evening of the August 10th.

The designated arrival and departure days are:

  • Forum Arrivals: Sunday, 6 August
  • Forum Departures: Friday, 11 August (for those who will not attend the Conference and Interevent)

The 13th World Scout Youth Forum (WSYF) will take place in Gabala from 7-10 August 2017. We now know it will be the biggest and the most diverse World Scout Youth Forum ever – with 325 people from more than 120 NSOs represented.

Registration and arrivals
The registration of the WSYF closed on 3rd July 2017. If your NSO’s delegation to the Forum has registered, it is extremely important that the correct information concerning arrival and departure times are registered in the system so the Host Committee can meet them and arrange transfer to Gabala. Please, make sure that you have included only the final destination (Baku or Gabala airport) to the system and first flight back from Azerbaijan. You can access the bookings through the confirmation email received from the Cvent registration system.

We kindly remind you that the official arrival date for the Forum is August 6th. If you are arriving on August 7th due to insurmountable circumstances, the Host Committee still will do their best to meet you at the airport and transfer you to the venue, but transfers on August 7th will be very limited (one shuttle from Baku to Gabala at the morning and one in the afternoon). Gabala is more than four hours driving from Baku so if participants do not arrive before the coaches depart it will be very difficult to get people in time for the Youth Forum. So, please, consider that you will miss significant part of the programme during of the first day of the Forum if you arrive late.

We are not be able to accept any further bookings to attend the Forum because we have now reached the maximum capacity for the venue.

Check – in for the Forum
Check-in for the Forum will be done upon arrival to the Qafqaz Resort Hotel in the lobby of the main building just before check-in to the hotel itself.

Forum Documents
Forum Documents in English and/or French are regularly uploaded on the Forum Documents page on and Therefore, we recommend encouraging your delegation to check these web pages regularly for all the latest updates about the Forum.

Digital Engagement
The WOSM WSYF landing page now features a platform for digital engagement, which enables WSYF participants as well as any young person who wishes to join in with the WSYF to participate remotely. The platform is a new tool produced to increase participation in the WSYF.

Live streaming will take place on this platform during the event, and contents will be uploaded regularly to ensure young people can follow and contribute to some of the discussions. Resources have also been made available to help in the organisation of local or national youth forum and the reflection on youth engagement in your NSO.

WOSM encourages all NSOs to promote it through all channels to reach not only Rovers and Young Adults, but also those from the younger age section. This is a great opportunity for all young people to learn about Youth Involvement.

Youth Advisors
Elections The Youth Advisors’ Elections document (Forum Document No. 5)
is now available in English and French. WOSM is now in communication with the candidates to prepare them for the elections process and to offer them good opportunities for engagement with the participants before the WSYF. The digital engagement platform will be the place for interactions between the candidates and the participants. The first interaction already done through videos that candidates filmed themselves to answer the three questions shortlisted by WSYF participants on social media. These videos have been available on the WSYF page since 12 July 2017.

Dialogue for Peace
Training Course If members of your delegation are attending the Dialogue for Peace training course (4-5 August 2017) just before the WSYF, they have received an email containing the necessary information. If they did not receive this email, it either means that they did not register for the training or they are not a WSYF participants. Since we have already reached the maximum limit of the training course, we are unable to accept additional participants.

                                                                    Dialogue for Peace Training:
In partnership with KAICIID dialogue centre, WOSM is offering training for 100 Forum participants only on Dialogue for Peace. Arrival day for the training will be on the Thursday 3rd August. The training working days will be 4th and 5th August 2017.

If you are attending the Dialogue for Peace Training it is ESSENTIAL to make sure that you have provided your flight details to the registration system in order to let the Host Committee meet you at the airport upon arrival and organise proper transfer to the venue.

Online Training – Compass
All WSYF participants must go through Compass, an online training course that will prepare them for the WSYF. Once they have completed the training, they will receive a passport, which they will be required to present in printed or digital format at the registration desk at the WSYF. Without this passport, they will not be able to complete their registration. The link to the online training course has been sent through email to all participants who have successfully registered. It is a very important step in preparing candidates to contribute actively at the WSYF.

360 Market Place
On Wednesday, 9th August 2017 at 13:30hrs, WSYF delegations will have the opportunity to exhibit projects that are achieving social impact (especially in relation to Messengers of Peace, Scouts of the World Award, Environmental Education, community development and/or any other initiative at local or national levels). The aim of the event is to show how Scouts are making a positive impact in their societies and for the participants to learn from each other’s experiences.

                                                                                      Cultural Night

Sharing your culture through costume, food, songs and etc., is one of the most enjoyable activities at World Scout Events. The WSYF agenda includes the Cultural Night (equivalent to an international evening) on Wednesday, 9 August 2017. Please ensure that your NSO’s delegation is prepared for this evening. Please also note that we will not have Regional coffee breaks, which had replaced the international evening for the last two WSYFs. To respect the diversity of the cultures present at the WSYF, alcoholic products should be kept to a minimum and consideration for religious-based food restrictions would be appreciated to ensure everyone can participate fully.


Open Forum
On Thursday, 10 August 2017 at 15:45, delegations will have the opportunity to facilitate sessions on different topics that are relevant to the main topics of the Forum (Active Citizenship, Youth Involvement, Leadership and Sustainability). If there are more sessions than WSYF planning committee can accommodate, the participants will select the sessions they would like to have through a simple voting process. Please refer to the WSYF agenda to find out when delegations are required to submit the title(s) of their proposed session(s).

For the safety and security of the participants, we are enclosing an emergency form (link for the document here – only in English) that needs to be submitted during the onsite registration process. We encourage all participants to leave at home the Forum venue and contact information, which is available in most of the Forum communication channels.

Q&A on WSYF Preparations
To help you finalise your preparations, the WSYF planning committee have prepared a Q&A type of document (Link for the document here – only in English), which will help you in the preparation process.

Communication Channels
Several official and communication channels have been made available to WSYF participants:
• WSYF landing page on (link)
• Youth Wall (link on,link on Facebook and link on Twitter)
• 41st World Scout Conference and 13th World Scout Youth Forum website and Facebook page.

We have also created the 13th World Scout Youth Forum group on Facebook to promote interaction between WSYF participants.

To follow and contribute to the WSYF buzz on social media, please use the #ScoutForum hashtag.

If you have any questions concerning the registration and agenda of the 13th World Scout Youth Forum, please do not hesitate to contact Hany Abdulmonem, Director of Youth Programme (WSB), at

If you are a Forum participant and have any questions concerning visas, inland transfer, venue, accommodation, meals, evening and leisure activities, Interevent etc., please, refer to Nargiz Balakishiyeva, 13th WSYF Director (Host Committee), at

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