41st World Scout Conference and 13th World Scout Youth Forum – Registration Process Guideline


The link and password to register have been sent to your NSO’s Registered Official Contact Person.  If you are this person and have not received an email with this information, please contact Brian Dahlgren at

It is highly recommended that you register your entire delegation (delegates, observers, and accompanying persons) at the same time.  This will help you keep things organised, especially when booking hotel reservations.


As the delegation leader, before you start the registration process for your delegation you will need the following information

  • Names of your delegations to both the Conference and Youth Forum, including observers and accompanying persons
  • Your hotel preferences (see below)
  • A clear idea of who is sharing a room and the name of the person sharing
  • Passport details (number, country of issue and expiry date, etc.)
  • Dietary requirements (allergies, halal, kosher, vegetarian, etc.)

Register yourself first, then register the rest of your group by clicking the “add another person” button at the end of the registration.


You may book your hotel reservations on your own, or through the registration system.  Bookings made through the registration system are offered on a first-come first-served basis.  Once the number of allocated rooms for each hotel has been reached, they will no longer be offered in the system.  Please note that if you are planning to have a large group attending the Conference, there is a chance that you may need to split the group into two different hotels (especially if you are registering last minute).  To see a list of hotels, locations and brief descriptions, please see the accommodation page.

You may choose to book either single rooms or shared rooms.  When booking a shared room (“double use” and “twin rooms”), it is very important that you fill in the roommate information when asked.  It is also important that the person listed as the roommate is also registered.

For example:

John and Mark plan to share a room together.
John registers and books a shared hotel room, and lists Mark as his roommate.
Mark registers and books a shared hotel room, and lists John as his roommate.

Please ensure the information you provide is accurate to avoid any complications when checking in at the hotel.


Invoices will be issued 1 per NSO.  Once your complete delegation is registered, please send a brief email to to confirm.  You will receive a reply with the NSO invoice and bank transfer details. Kindly note, that remittance by 15 July 2017 is strongly required!


There are three groups of countries in regards to visa process: 

1. E-visa (online)

There are 93 countries eligible for the Azerbaijan e-Visa programme.  This is an easy 3-step process that does not require an invitation or support letter and costs 20 USD. Please check to see if your country is eligible here.  If your country qualifies, please use this link to apply for your visa:  You can apply for your e-Visa at any time from now, and you will need a JPEG copy of your passport to upload.

2. Visa upon arrival

If your country is not one of the 93 countries on this list, please be sure to provide your passport details and passport scan copy during the registration process for obtaining the support letter from State Migration Service of Azerbaijan Republic and receiving "visa upon arrival". 

3. Visa-free regime. Citizens of the few countries listed here are part of the visa-free regime and do not require a visa to enter Azerbaijan.

If you have any further questions regarding visas, please email


If you would like to talk to someone to assist you further with registering your group, please email to set up a skype call. 

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