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Azerbaijan attracts travelers with its Islamic, Christian and Zoroastrian temples, numerous historical monuments, its diversity in flora and fauna and of course, its uniqueness. But before heading to the Country of Fire for adventures and impressions, make sure you familiarize yourself with useful Azerbaijan travel tips.


Official currency of Azerbaijan is manat (AZN). US$1= 1.75 AZN =1.84 Euro. It’s best to bring US$ cash or a MasterCard/Visa credit card for cash advances. ATMs widely available in Baku city Centre. Outside Baku better to have cash ready. Re-exchange is not problem and the operation can be done in any Bank. Travelers’ cheques are hard to cash.



Banks and exchange offices

It is possible to exchange foreign currency in banks and hotels in Azerbaijan. The Bank offices are easily found both in Baku and many other big cities, as well as in the airports and some hotels that have currency exchange services. Most of the banks are closed at 17:30, some work 24 hours. It may be harder to exchange foreign currency in smaller cities.

Banks in Baku work from 09.00 or 09.30 to 17.30, though some of them are open till late evening.

Payment by credit card is possible only in big supermarkets of Baku, banks and international hotels as well as other leisure services points; they are not in use in provincial cities. 

Hotel prices

 Baku hotels prices start from 60-80$, typical Baku hotel $80-120, top hotels (Baku) $180-280.

Host Committee have signed contracts with agreed special prices in 14 Baku hotels – Scout Family Hotels of different range for all officially registered participants and staff at designated dates of World Scout Conference. For details see “Accommodation” page.

Food prices

Cheap local meals widely available (doner kebab 3-5 AZN) standard lunch and dinner prices start from $5 and goes up to $80.

Drink prices

 Bottled water from 25-70 cents per half-litre. Draft beer from 1,5 AZN, bottled lager from 2-3 AZN (Xirdalan), up to 7 AZN in ex-pat bars.

Transport prices

Taxi 3-10 AZN anywhere within central Baku City. Metro is cheap and the best to get around Baku (flat fee of 0,20 AZN per ride), buses cost as Metro (0.20-0,25 AZN per ride).


International license advised. Major international car hire chains (Avis, Hertz, etc) available. Car hire/4WD can be arranged based on your home license.

Time zone



Islam is the main religion in Azerbaijan. Shia majority, however there is no segregation betwee shia and sunni in Azerbaijan. Christian Orthodox and Judaism also have very ancient history in Azerbaijan.  2016 was announced as the year of multiculturalism in Azerbaijan.


Azerbaijani (Azeri) is the only official language in Azerbaijan belongs to the Turkic group of languages, Russian is also spoken widely in Baku and among older folks across the country, Turkish is useful, English is understood by very few outside Baku.

Telephone codes

The international code for Azerbaijan is 994, then 12 for local phones Baku, 50 (Azercell), 55 (Bakcell) or 70 and 77 (Nar) for mobiles.

Health factors

 No worry about. International travel medical insurance is required in case you may need a medical assistance. Also Host Committee Health & Safety Department will provide all necessary first aid assistance and relevant support in cases if needed at designated dates of both events.


Generally very safe and hospitable. Violence and crime is minimal.


Most international goods are available in Baku, though would be more expensive. Outside the capital choice is very limited.

Electricity Voltage 
Azeri Power Stations supply at 220 volts/A.C.

10% of the total bill is Appreciated but not compulsory. You can tip taxi drivers, waiters, hairdressers, etc. VAT and service charges are included in all bills.

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