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Diversity and unity at the International Evening event

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The participants of the 41st World Scout Conference 2017 in Baku, Azerbaijan, have their memorable moments in the international evening on Tuesday, 15th August 2017. They have some common comments about the “side activities” of the conference.

“What could be more honoring and heartwarming than having participants from over 150 countries gathered in one place, with same visions and goals, with same ideals, sharing peace, love and unity This can only be found in Scouting, while Scouting is truly a unique movement which promotes diversity and which unites people wherever and whenever”, the participants said.

Everyone enjoyed the wonderful international evening. Tasted the variety of foods and drinks, danced, sung, and much, much more. There was not a soul who did not enjoy the incredible atmosphere that composed. It was a perfect symphony and we believe the whole Baku heard it and felt the power of it!

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