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KAICIID continue support the World Scouting

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The International Dialogue Center KAICIID promise their commitment to continue support the World Organization of Scout Movement (WOSM) through the Dialogue for Peace training as part of the Messengers of Peace (MoP) program. The MoP initiative is the flagship program of the WOSM which started in 2011.

The commitment was given by His Excellency Mr. Faisal bin Muaammar, the Secretary General of KAICIID on the lunch reception held during the 41st World Scout Conference 2017 in Baku Congress Center on Thursday of 17th August 2017.

The KAICIID is an intergovernmental organization that promotes dialogue to strengthen social cohesion. It was done by enhancing understanding and cooperation between people of different cultures and followers of different religions. The center was founded by Austria, Saudi Arabia, and Spain.

The Director of Program Departments KAICIID, Patrice Brodeur said that Scout Leaders who are members of WOSM invited to the reception in order to better consolidate the partnership between WOSM and the KAICIID. “We have been working together for more than four years and we will officially launch this program of Dialogue for Peace. It is therefore important that the majority of delegations are informed in order to better understand this partnership. This program revolves around the training that works for the peace building and for reconciliation,” said Brodeur.

He also added that the Dialogue for Peace program will be included in the WOSM educational program. “The dissemination of this program is already did at international level, we have already completed the training of trainers at the regional level. After that we will move to the largest national level in demographic terms within WOSM and the idea is that the Scouts leaders made themselves this training at the level of troops around the world,” he said.

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