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Customs regulations

Customs declaration

Import of foreign currency to Azerbaijan is not limited but the amount should be declared. It is allowed to export the same amount that was shown in the declaration form at entry. Please make sure you declare cash, especially any amount that exceeds USD10,000 in order to avoid problems upon departure. Photo and video technology is advised to be declared. It is important to keep your customs declaration form until your departure from the country.

Import and export of goods

Import and export of local currency for foreign citizens is prohibited. For individuals aged 16 years and over, it is allowed to duty-free import: up to 1,000 cigarettes or 1 kg tobacco products; 1.5 litlres of alcoholic beverages and 2 litres of wine, perfumery for personal hygiene, and other goods of total value of USD10,000.
It is prohibited to import weapons and weaponry. Exception can be made for hunting rifles, but it should have a special permission. It is also prohibited to import narcotic substances and preparations containing drugs; fresh vegetables and fruits; animals; photos and printed materials that may be assessed as against the constitutional structure of Azerbaijan.

Souvenirs and personal items

You are allowed to export officially purchased goods, personal items and hand-made products from Azerbaijan.

It is prohibited to export antiquaries without the special permission of Ministry of Culture: precious stones, coins, manuscripts and other similar pieces of art. Carpets and handicrafts made before 1960 are taxed, unless you have a certificate from the Ministry of Culture, which is usually provided in many official art-shops and studios. Remember this before purchasing any items in markets or private shops – they do not usually provide these certificates.

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