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How to get a Visa

How to get a Visa

After landing in the 'Land of Fire'

We are happy to announce that it is getting easier to travel to Azerbaijan!

Heydar Aliyev International Airport

Visa to Azerbaijan

  • Citizens of the countries listed here are part of the visa-free regime and do not require a visa to enter Azerbaijan.
  • Starting from this year, citizens of 93 countries can get their E-Visa online within three days. You can refer to the list of the countries here.

Host Committee kindly reminds you, that if your country is listed among these 93 countries, you are able to obtain e-visa in 3 steps and 3 days within “ASAN Visa” system (apply, pay and download E-visa). E-visa is a one-entry document with a period of 30 days. Moreover, “ASAN Visa” system suggests citizens a group visa application. Group visa applications consider minimum 2 and maximum 10 persons. It is possible to create several applications by use of one e-mail address and payment operation for group members. When select a purpose of your visit, please, choose "cultural" or "official trip".  The cost of E-Visa for all countries is 20 USD.

  • Citizens of other countries will be provided with a special letter of invitation by the Association of Scouts of Azerbaijan and State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan after June 14, in order to be able to purchase the entry visa upon arrival in Azerbaijan (at the airport visa desk).

If your country is not one of the eligibles for E-Visa, you may receive "visa at the airport upon arrival" at the Baku International Airport.

You need to tick the box "to get the visa at the Baku International Airport" during your registration process. Automatically system will considering your arrival and departure time and will ask to send the scan of your passport. The Host Committee will proceed with data per country and apply to the State Migration Service of the Azerbaijan Republic for the special support letter for your entire delegation. Once your data will be cleared up by State Migration Service, they will provide us with support confirmation letter, which will be forwarded to the Head of each Delegation. You need to print out this letter (as many copies as many attendees registered) and it will be enough to board the plane in the country of your origin, as you'll be in the system already. Upon arrival to the Heydar Aliyev Airport in Baku, you'll be able to purchase an entry visa at the airport visa desk with this letter.

If you are eligible for "visa upon arrival" process, please, make sure that all your data provided accurately to the registration system as well as flight details and passport scanned copy attached ASAP in order to be in time with support letters for your entire delegation. The deadline for uploading passport scan copies for clearance and obtaining support letters is July 17th.

Questions in regards of visa? Mail to:

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