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The year 2017 for ASA will be a year of 20th anniversary of founding the Association of Scouts of Azerbaijan as an independent National Scout Organization as well as for the establishment of the Eurasia Scout Region. The opportunity to combine these celebrations with hosting two World Events will be great milestone in the history of our organization and a clear signal to the scouting world that also young NSO are capable and welcome to host important World Scout Events. Except Host and Organizing committee members, professional staff and contractors, we are expecting around 300 volunteers in our team. In order to strength our capacities and following the Scout tradition, we have been invited also international volunteers – experienced scouts from different Scout regions – to provide their valuable input to the success of the events.

Volunteers will be engaged in three main events to be held in the following dates:

  • 13th World Scout Youth Forum, Gabala, Azerbaijan: August 7 –10, 2017
  • Interevent program, Sheki & Baku, Azerbaijan: August 11 – 12, 2017
  • 41st World Scout Conference, Baku, Azerbaijan: August 14-18, 2017

Selection of international volunteers is complete!

The 41st World Scout Conference’ and 13th World Scout Youth Forum’ Host Committee currently finished recruitment of the international volunteers.

More than 400 applications from 100 countries were submitted to the host committee which were reviewed in three stages. The candidates who passed the first check and met requirements were shortlisted during the first stage, which then were required a formal confirmation of their respective NSO, and finally, Skype interviews were conducted during the third stage of selection.

What were we expected from volunteers during the selection process?

  • Age: 18+ (born before 25th July 1999)
  • Language capacities: Azerbaijani and English is necessary, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian is an asset.
  • Professional skills: higher education or experience in one or more of the above mentioned areas
  • Scout experience, as well as participation in other youth organizations, is an asset
  • Experience in an international scout events

And finally, we are happy to announce that the confirmation process of international volunteers attendance for the 41st World Scout Conference and 13th World Scout Youth Forum has been finalized.

Besides the competencies required for successful candidates, the host committee prioritized the equal representation of international volunteers from all six scout regions, respecting different ages, gender balance, and various professional background.

We congratulate all successful candidates and share with you the final list of international volunteers:

  • Aiman Ashimbayeva - Kazakhstan
  • Alena Sermaksheva - Belarus
  • Berthold Sinaulan - Indonesia
  • Dzanin Jamakovic – Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Eman Zakhary - Egypt
  • Hio Long - Macao
  • Jitka Oktabcova - Czechia
  • Kamalchandra Kafle - Nepal
  • Kathleen Godfrey – Republic of South Africa
  • Ketevan Piranishvili - Georgia
  • Lada Stefek - Croatia
  • Laston Munache - Zimbabwe
  • Maher Trabelsi – Tunisia
  • Maria Louisa Ycossie – Côte d'Ivoire
  • Md. Haron Or Rashid - Bangladesh
  • Nancy Leon - Mexico
  • Nathalya Knyazeva - Ukraine
  • Predrag Katic - Serbia
  • Ricardo Dominguez – Spain

What is next and what exactly volunteers will do?

All international volunteers are expecting to arrive in Azerbaijan around July 25th. Our fellow scout friends will be trained in advance and further assigned for shifts in designated venues and events:

  • Arrivals\Departures information desk (assisting at the airport)
  • Hotel informational desk (support participants in the hotels)
  • Transport assistance (support participants on the way to the hotels and back)
  • Registration desk (assisting with Forum/Conference attendee registrations/program related questions in the venues)
  • Forum/Conference venue support (assisting during the event)
  • Language Assistance (assisting with sharing of information/answering questions of non-English speaking delegates at different locations)
  • IT & Communication support (professional support to participants during the events)
  • Health&Safety (control the entrance and the area where the event will be held)
  • Other required tasks

If you have any questions, email to volunteeers@wsc2017.az

41st World Scout Conference office address: Scouts Association | 507 - 513 Qutgasınlı Ismail Bey | Baku, Azerbaijan | AZ 1073

See you soon in Azerbaijan!

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